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Shift4 Payments is the leading provider of integrated payment processing and technology solutions, delivering a complete ecosystem of solutions that extend beyond payments to include a wide range of value-added services.

Shift 4 lacks training and comunication for employees, has a horrible allowence for vacation, and a toxic working enivrionment, according to a former employee at

"Horrible communication, horrible training, horrible vacation allowance, just awful place to work. Very toxic atmosphere. True people they really are with their pretend open door policy."


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Former Employee - Senior LAN Administrator says

"Before Shift 4: Customer facing management seemed clueless resulting in customer attrition. Lack of project management resulted in fragmented efforts in delayed progress. Entrenched senior developers with deep "tribal" knowledge ran the show due to being SPOFs. After Shift 4 purchased Merchant Link: The acquisition went through on 8/30/19 and the company was gutted on 9/6/19, leaving a skeleton crew to support Merchant Link and its customers. Shift 4 demonstrated a clear disregard for customer impact and the workforce they acquired. I would stay away from this new entity for a couple of years until they either sink or swim."

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"Working in high school again"

Technical Support Representative (Current Employee) says

"This is a great place if you're in with someone in management. Otherwise forget getting anywhere, even with over two decade of experience, including leading teams of up to 20 people. You'll see people's brothers, high school friends and strip-club buddies move to where ever they want to be even though they wouldn't be able to manage their way out of a wet paper bag. If you're looking for an entry level, first job then this is fine until you get the experience you need, then get out. The pay is sub-standard and the benefits non-existent."

Channel Sales Manager (Current Employee) says

"Avoid at all costs. Weak management and no set standard procedure. No vacation, poor benefits. Complete micro managing to the point of being laughable. Spend more time tracking and reporting then doing the actual sales that produce revenue for the company. Run, don't walk away from Shift 4!"

Scapegoat / Door Mat (Current Employee) says

"Clueless Management. Growing too fast and out of touch with what is really going on in the company and the industry for that matter. Management came up in the ranks but have no management / people skills."

Customer Service Support Technician (Former Employee) says

"constantly was told you could be doing better and what you were doing was not enough, was paid less then everyone else at the company, when an employee is let go they talk about that said person for weeks on end. when selling items the bonuses would not be given out unless the person who sold the item advised of not being benefitswork environment"

Operations (Current Employee) says

"The Shift4 leadership team often uses sound bites to deceive the employees into believing that they're operating as a family. It is only applicable if you're rubbing elbows with the CEO and his good ole boy network. The company has an extreme lack of diversity in it's leadership team. This can be seen in their approach to managing client relationships and employees. No clear direction and an overwhelming number of inefficient home grown systems. The order management process is reminiscent of a car assembly line. Customer orders have more touches than a front door handle. If you aren't selling their acquiring solution or your client isn't interested in acquiring, forget about it. No pertinent performance information from leadership. Everything is a secret, scam or look over there moment. This was evidenced in the lack of communication surrounding the company's preparedness to handle the COVID-19 epidemic. No sanitary changes. Only messages how you can't get it working in an office or how the media was exaggerating the matter. No client communication until requested. No business continuity plan. Then an unexpected furlough after weeks of telling employees not to worry about their paycheck followed by an IPO. I can only liken the culture to the Wolf on Wall Street. This place is good if you are looking for something temporary to hold you over. If you have more than one opportunity on the hook, throw this one back in the water.NothingIneffective Leadership, Micro Management, Poor Systems"

Hardware Build Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I had a great opportunity to work with some great people. I learned how to use my previous work experience to stay organized to complete my work. I worked closely with a great team and we all worked well together."

Data Processing Technician (Former Employee) says

"I was told I was interviewing for a position as an Underwriter, something I had some experience in at a previous employer. When i actually started, I was a Data processor and was told by my supervisor that they train underwriters in data processing first. After a month I asked again about it, and was told at that time they do not need any underwriters. I felt deceived and let down."

Customer Service Technician (Current Employee) says

"• Typical day includes inbound call answering, email and voicemail responses, and monitoring for trending errors with software • I have learned how to handle a call center job, and how to work with customers over the phone to identify and resolve issues in a quick and timely fashion • Management is very relaxed, but will crack down if the situation calls for it • Coworkers are fun an diverse • Hard parts of the job include the diversity of issues that Customer Support is expected to be able to resolve, and the metrics which they are expected to adhere to despite the length of a call possibly interfering with that • Most enjoyable parts of the job are camaraderie with fellow coworkers and sense of accomplishment when assisting someone with their issues"

Al Want says

"Shift AWAY from Shift4. Since 2018 acquisition of Shift4 by HarborTouch processing, customer service has dropped significantly. When Covid slowed the economy, Shift4 was quick to start removing THEIR fee from every daily deposit (instead of previous monthly debit) but when there are issues on their end causing ‘funding delays’, they’re slow to act causing 24 hour delays in deposits into merchant accounts. We’re moving to a new processor ASAP."

John says

"I ordered a wheelbarrow which arrived with a screw missing which holds the 'bucket' to the frame. I have emailed asking for advice/replacement part. Waited over a week and no reply except automated emails requesting feedback. Poor customer service."

Sharon Stevenson says

"Unbelievable how the reviews on here, two from 2 July with complete opposite reviews. Their website claims, “We’re still open”. “ We’ve got plenty of stock and we’re delivery as usual”. However, I orderered 2 July, Payment was taken from bank 6 July. To date I have heard nothing, and as others have stated their “helpline” uses the Covid as an excuse. Emails are automatic replies, “due to Covid...”. Not good enough, false advertising on their website. Avoid this website."

C Rydon says

"I would recommend you consider whether to buy from this website. We placed an order on 25th June and were told that we would get our wheelbarrow in 2-3 working days. It is now 8th July and nothing. This may be understandable (although other companies delivering normally) but you cannot speak to them as their automated message states they are 'too busy' and so will only take emails. Their customer service state that they will take 5 days to respond to email. Need I say more.....all we want is our wheelbarrow that we have paid for."

Dr Mike Wyllie says

"Wheelbarrow arrived damaged sent photographs as requested. Despite reminder had no personalised response for over 10 working days. Even allowing for Covid the customer services team are lacklustre."